‘A lot of challenges’: can housing industry build homes habitable in high temperatures? | Construction industry

As any person sweltering in the present Uk heatwave can attest, the country’s housing stock is woefully unsuited to heat. Substantially of it is antiquated, courting from a time when the priorities were shielding from the chilly and rain. But most new-create attributes are equally unready for experts’ predictions that, […]

Top 10 Logistics Industry Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020

1. Chatting Logistics Podcasts About Podcast Adrian Gonzalez, founder and host of Chatting Logistics, interviews assumed leaders and newsmakers in the provide chain and logistics field about emerging trends, technologies, and providers. Frequency four posts / month Considering that Jan 2015 Also in Offer Chain Administration Podcasts Podcast talkinglogistics.com/movies-.. Fb […]