How to Clean a Microwave

All it usually takes is just one spherical of leftovers or burnt bag of popcorn to change a sparkling clean up microwave into a dirty, smelly mess. The crucial to retaining a clean countertop microwave is frequent routine maintenance — each individual couple times, at the really least. When you observe stains on your microwave’s inside or want to get rid of trapped-on meals, transform to this foolproof information on how to cleanse a microwave by Carolyn Forte, Director of the Superior Housekeeping Institute Cleansing Lab.

Not like other kitchen area appliances, you can clean a microwave with daily cleansing goods you previously have in your household, together with all-objective cleaner, baking soda, dish cleaning soap or vinegar (white or apple cider). That is correct, keep absent from bleach due to the fact Normal Electrical warns it actually weakens the plastic interior and damages the appliance in the extended-run. Until

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