A roundup of coronavirus outbreaks on construction sites

The development industry hasn’t been portrayed as getting the popular outbreaks of COVID-19 that have plagued other sectors these as meatpacking plants, nursing properties and health treatment facilities. But there is no nationwide knowledge clearinghouse that tracks COVID-19 outbreaks by industry, including construction, and regional media reports have highlighted dozens of outbreaks on jobsites.

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In this article, Building Dive rounds up some of the much larger COVID-19 outbreaks at design sites across the U.S. and Canada considering the fact that the pandemic began.  


Donnelly School, Kansas City, Kansas

At minimum two clusters of COVID-19 circumstances involving seven workers had been noted at the Donnelly College design site, which was shut down for disinfecting soon after each individual outbreak. Jerry Katlin, the president of Overland Park, Kansas-based basic contractor Excel Corp., explained to KSHB News that

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