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Tips on How to Prepare your Home for Carpet Cleaning Services

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Sometimes, homeowners call for carpet cleaning services, when they are preparing for a big event at home. Actually, they are usually in need of a general cleaning, too. While others are regularly hiring experts for the sake of maintaining cleanliness at home. Anyway, it could have been easier to clean the house when the space is small. But for big houses with carpets all over the room, it will require effort, time and more people to complete the task. Therefore, hiring professionals would be ideal to achieve your goal. 

Speaking of carpets, these are sometimes fragile and it may be damaged when wrong machines are used. That’s why we cannot avoid relying on the professionals. But keep in mind that you need to prepare your carpets before these people come and start doing their jobs. Well, I am not expecting you to do the preparation alone because this will surely take much of your time. Therefore, you better ask help and make sure that everything is done in time.

Do not forget to choose a reliable company that can assure you a service with good quality. Before dealing and booking an appointment with these people, go over their profile. You should know, if they are legally operating and running such home services. And then, take note about how punctual they are, even if time is not a serious issue. However, when there is a delay and a change of time or day, you should be able to receive a reasonable excuse. Anyway, here are a few tips on how you are going to prepare your space to be ready for carpet cleaning services.

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Mess and Clutter

You are surely aware that professional home services usually use cords or hose that are quite heavy and long, too. Therefore, you have to remove any object that may be hazardous when these people are working. You just need to get your mess out of their way. 

It is not the responsibility of the experts to pick up whatever mess you have on the floor. If possible, clear the way to avoid accidents. 

Fragile Furniture 

Do you have lamps as well as glass tables around the area? You have to keep this furniture in a safe place. It would be a bad experience for the homeowner when such fragile stuffs get broke. It may also be a reason for you to leave the company a negative feedback.

Again, you are hiring individuals for their carpet cleaning services and not for removing or moving furniture. Therefore, you should also review the company policy, so that you will know what you are supposed to do before they arrive.


Pretty sure that you are caring when it comes to your walls. Of course, you would not like to see scratches left on the wall after they finish doing their job, right?

Now, to avoid such unwanted incidents, you may use a protective tape on the surface where the cords or hose may touch. Again, as an owner of the house, this task is for you. 

Aside from that, make sure that there won’t be long curtains hanging on the wall. Anything that may be at risk must be removed and kept safe to protect your belongings.


There would always be a risk when you will leave your valuables, such as jewelries, wallets, money or expensive gadgets. If possible, lock them up in your cabinets or drawers, instead of leaving these open.

You do not personally know these workers. Therefore, learn how to protect your valuables. You are not supposed to leave any valuables when other people are around. 


Do you have pets at home? I suggest you to keep them in a safe place and away from the area. Your pets will feel irritated due to the noise. If you have a dog, he will also start barking when seeing strangers. This web site will tell you more about how you are going to calm your dog.

Remember that these individuals are working hard on your property. It would be a distraction, too, when pets are just in the area. So, I suggest you to also make them calm for a better working experience and to also achieve an excellent outcome.

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