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What Materials Are Best for a Flat Roof?

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What Materials Are Best for a Flat Roof?

When it will come time to eventually replace your flat roof, the first decision you have to have to make is what components you want to use for your roof alternative job. There are quite a few remarkably strong solutions that homeowners can choose from, each individual of which has its have set of benefits and cons. Past Exteriors breaks down which resources are ideal for flat roof replacements in the site beneath — let’s dive in!

Why Are Flat Roofing Materials Distinct?

It is significant to notice that flat roofs require distinct supplies than pitched roofs. Pitched roofs have a bodily benefit more than flat roofs in that they advertise enhanced drainage, making sure drinking water flows over the floor. By distinction, flat roofs are inclined to lure drinking water among every single shingle which can penetrate your roof and induce extreme structural drinking water harm.

Having said that, modern day-working day flat roofing supplies have been redesigned to triumph over the inherent physical cons of using a flat surface area for shelter from the factors. Featuring improved waterproofing and weather conditions security, today’s roofing products have significantly a lot more to offer in phrases of durability.

What Roofing Products Are Greatest for Flat Roofs?

Now that you have an understanding of why flat roofing materials are distinctive, it’s time to take a look at the leading 5 greatest roofing components for flat roof replacements:


Economical and extended-long lasting, PVC roofing is a terrific choice for flat roofs. This roofing product is exceptionally climate-resistant, featuring an acrylic complete, tough weathering film, adaptable fiberglass mat, and large-high-quality base ply. PVC roofs also feature a bare minimum breaking toughness of 350 pounds for each inch — much over the 200-pound-per-inch standard established by the American Social of Tests and Elements. Along with waterproofing and toughness, PVC roofs are amazingly versatile and come in quite a few distinct shade options.

1 important drawback to PVC flat roofs is its manufacturing system: Throughout production, harmful chemical compounds, like dioxin, are launched, which have been joined to several well being risks, which includes hormone variations, immune program problems, and even cancer. Moreover, PVC roofs demand far more labor to exchange or restore when major hurt has been sustained.


TPO and PVC roofing are very identical in mother nature. Equally roofing components offer you larger electrical power financial savings considering the fact that the prime coating is typically white, which will allow them to replicate heat a lot more simply. This will make a substantial difference for your electrical power bills — in particular if your TPO flat roof comes about to be installed on a industrial developing. TPO roofs are also rather finances-pleasant, with products only costing close to $3.50 for every sq. foot. Light-weight and low-routine maintenance, TPO roofing is good for protecting from algae or fungus advancement.

Created-up Roofs (BUR)

Made from layers of components that are bonded jointly by asphalt or tar, designed-up roofs (BUR) are generally used for flat roof replacements — and for excellent rationale: Just about every layer of substance additional to a BUR extends its lifetime span by approximately five years. That means just 5 layers of substance can get you 25 years of trustworthy use out of your roof. For the reason that of this layering approach, the final result is a seamless nonetheless potent seal to secure in opposition to h2o destruction. These roofs are also really sturdy, in a position to withstand hailstorms, downed tree branches, and many other harmful temperature problems.

BURs are not best for every flat roof replacement project. Thanks to their large weight, you want to guarantee that the underlying construction is robust plenty of to hold up towards the added stress. If you’re on a restricted program to get your roof installed, this could also be problematic due to the fact the layering approach associated in BUR roof installation requires hrs of labor. Even though the resources themselves may possibly not be costly, the amplified labor required may perhaps outcome in a higher rate tag than other roofing alternatives. Additionally, leak repairs with BURs are extremely complex, generally demanding the repair technician to dig out big chunks of rock to get to the resource of the leak. Once again, the outcome is a additional high priced, time-consuming roof mend procedure.

Rubber (EPDM)

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber is yet another superb flat roofing solution. A extremely strong artificial rubber product, EPDM roofs persistently outlast their competitiveness, boasting up to a 50-yr life span. Since rubber roofs are uncomplicated to install and the supplies are cost-effective at just $2.50 for every square foot, the expense and time for set up are much decrease. EPDM is also quite simple to repair when repairs are required.

Despite all the added benefits of rubber roofing, EPDM does have the likely to crack apart and shrink away when not installed effectively. If you pick the incorrect roofing organization for your alternative task, you could conclusion up with a flat roof that leaks non-prevent as a final result. When resistant to serious temperatures, EPDM also tends to take in heat in the summer, which can guide to increased strength charges all through the hotter year.

Modified Bitumen

Invented in the 1960s, modified bitumen roofing features a great possibility for lesser flat roof replacements. Accessible in numerous distinct hues, this roofing solution isn’t just adaptable — it’s also quite uncomplicated to put in. There aren’t any seams to get worried about with a modified bitumen roof possibly, so you will be properly-secured against any drinking water leaks.

Whilst this flat roofing product is excellent for waterproofing, it’s not as resistant to hail, fallen branches, or intense climate cycles. Since of its improved fragility, modified bitumen roofs only have a tendency to final among 10 and 20 a long time.

Choose Past Exteriors for Your Flat Roofing Desires!

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