Condo Q&A: What Can We Do About Noisy Neighbors Upstairs?

Fully grasp how your condominium docs tackle nuisances. Then send out your neighbor a composed recognize on how their noise is impacting you – and duplicate your property manager.

STUART, Fla. – Problem: We are having a really hard problem with noise produced by the condominium unit situated instantly above us. We have proof that the above unit has not been outfitted with a sound-barrier layer beneath the tiled floor. This circumstance has presently triggered us two a long time of terrible tension. The occupant is unfriendly and the actual homeowners are disregarding us. Our administration firm has unsuccessful to just take any action. What can we do? – B.B. Stuart

Response: The very first matter that you really should do is to just take a glimpse at your condominium’s governing paperwork, including the declaration and bylaws. It is very likely that the paperwork specifically tackle nuisances and offer that

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