12 Best Creative Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas


If you live in a house with kids, toy organization is a constant challenge. And even within the realm of toys, there’s no bigger problem than stuffed animal storage. Those stuffies are bulky, so they take up a lot of room. If you dump them all in a pile, the ones at the bottom never get seen or played with. And kids just seem to keep on acquiring more and more of them, so it’s hard to keep the collection at bay. It’s a constantly-evolving struggle.

When you’re looking for good stuffed animal storage, a few things are key: First off, you want something that’ll keep the loveys off the floor, so they don’t get stepped on or tripped over. Then, it’s ideal if your kids can see their collection, so they can easily find the fuzzy friend they’re looking for. But you also don’t want to devote too

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