Glass Cooktop Cleaning Tips – How to Clean a Glass Stovetop

Glass cooktops are the fashion of selection for any individual who prefers electric ranges or induction cooking appliances and even though almost nothing beats them for their seamless seem and smooth type, they can be a genuine eyesore in your kitchen area when covered with grease, film, burned-on deposits and meals spills.

How do we know? With all the test kitchens in our Superior Housekeeping Institute and the continuous movement of ranges in and out of our Kitchen Appliances Lab, we’ve found, cooked on, and cleaned our share of glass stovetops. And we have analyzed plenty of glass cooktop cleaners in our Fantastic Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab. Study on to see how to make your glass stovetop glow in just a several simple steps whether you have mild, significant, or burned-on deposits.

How to clean day to day messes from your glass cooktop

The trick to keeping this area clean

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