Marie Kondo’s Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial for Folding a Fitted Sheet

There are couple home chores a lot more notoriously discouraging than folding a fitted sheet. The elastic band and billowy corners on these negative boys make them ridiculously hard to corral and fold neatly, and usually, we stop up just crumpling them up into a ball and shoving them to the back of our linen closets. Sigh.

Fortunately, organizational guru Marie Kondo (you know her as the creator of The Life Transforming Magic of Tidying Up and the star of Netflix’s hit demonstrate Tidying Up With Marie Kondo) stopped by to exhibit us the ideal way to triumph over this all-way too-typical laundry struggle: With her KonMari Strategy, folding a equipped sheet is as quick as next these five simple steps.

Phase 1: Established up your fitted-sheet folding workspace.

Lay out the equipped sheet on a absolutely flat surface area, elastic band facing up.

Move 2: Make the initial

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