Realtors report shows costs and benefits of home remodeling projects

Guadalupe Connerley

EDMOND — Have you ever heard of refinancer’s regret, or house remodeler’s regret?

Me possibly.

Buyer’s remorse is serious, and it can be surely hitting home consumers caught up in various-bidding predicaments who wound up paying out additional for a home than sellers even questioned for.

Maybe not, but likely so, with buzz about housing bubbles setting up to buzz again. A popped bubble in a neighborhood market, which is the only sort of housing market, does do hurt to prevailing current market prices, by definition.

We will see what harm out-of-point out buyers do listed here if they figure out they’ve overplayed this neighborhood market, and overpaid, and choose to lower their losses.

Refinancer’s regret? My wife and I just did a cash-out refi, and I’ve had a twinge or two: Oh, Lord, What we carried out to our fairness?!

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