Rules of the American Flag

Displaying an American flag is a terrific way to display off your like for our country. Even so, your act of patriotism can promptly grow to be (unintentionally) disrespectful if you might be unaware of an significant set of policies. The U.S. Flag Code, proven by Congress in 1942, features suggestions for treating this countrywide symbol with dignity.

You can fly the American flag on all days, but the Flag Code specifically suggests displaying it on Independence Day, as well as other big holidays like Flag Day, Labor Day, and Veterans Day.

Just take take note: Memorial Day has its personal flag etiquette. The American flag should be flown at 50 %-mast from dawn until finally noon, then elevated to whole mast for the rest of the holiday getaway.

Brush up on the rest of your flag etiquette in advance of Memorial Day weekend by discovering how to fly the

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